Hi, Claire here, I’m The Busy Queen and I want to inspire you to thrive by delivering exceptional customer service.

Customer Service and rapport building catalyst, my passion is to help businesses to thrive and grow their profitability by delivering exceptional customer service consistently, helping them to build strong rapport with their internal and external customers, by putting them in the middle of everything they do. 

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I bring a more positive emotional energy in their business, showing them ways to buzz by caring, supporting and engaging their employees. Nurturing, valuing and guiding their customers through their journey in a creative and inspiring way at an emotional level, I ultimately help them build a sustainable service culture.

“The era of ‘left brain’ dominance –and the Information Age it engendered– is giving way to a new world in which ‘right brain’ qualities –inventiveness, empathy, meaning– will govern.” – Daniel Pink in “A Whole New Mind”


Onsite Customer Service Training
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If you are a small retailer business owner and want to thrive in your business, here is THE CUSTOMER SERVICE online course to help you deliver EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE CONSISTENTLY.

Customer Service Online Course

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