Hi, Claire here, I’m The Busy Queen and I want to inspire you to thrive by delivering exceptional customer service and building strong relationships with your customers and employees.


Customer Service and rapport building catalyst, my passion is to help businesses to thrive and grow their profitability by delivering exceptional customer service consistently, helping them to build strong rapport with their internal and external customers. I know it, you know it, people buy from people and this is the essence of relationship marketing, by mastering new and traditional ways to nurture customer relationships and by putting them in the middle of everything they do, businesses will have the best chance to win the largest size of their market share.

I bring a new powerful, positive, emotional feminine energy in your business, showing you ways to buzz by caring, supporting and engaging your employees. Nurturing, valuing and guiding your customers through their journey in a creative and inspiring way at an emotional level, I ultimately help you build a sustainable service culture.

“The era of ‘left brain’ dominance –and the Information Age it engendered– is giving way to a new world in which ‘right brain’ qualities –inventiveness, empathy, meaning– will govern.” – Daniel Pink in “A Whole New Mind”

What do I do?


















A customer Service online course, specifically designed for small business retail owners, helping them to grow their profit, increase customers’ loyalty, improving employees’ engagement, by delivering exceptional customer service consistently, resulting on a thriving business.

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Channel Islands

Specifically bespoke to island needs, we have developed a range of customer service focused services and workshopsps to help businesses increase their profitability by delivering exceptional customer service, to grow a generous network of contacts and building a strong reputation.

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What they say?

We recently had the pleasure of Claire leading a session for our managers on how to network effectively. Claire’s delivery of this key business skill to be wholly interactive and engaging and she had us all buzzing in no time. The team left the session feeling inspired and, as a business, we know that some of the team had developed new techniques whilst others have honed their expertise in this area.
“Despite a few technical hitches with the presentation, which Claire had no problem in overcoming (which may well have thrown many other people off track), she gave a very lively and passionate talk on customer experience drawing upon her indepth experience in a wide range of roles and her work as a mystery shopper. It was also good to hear Claires experiences as a customer where things have gone well and when they didn’t”
“The Customer Journey Audit that Claire carried out for us incredibly beneficial. We all think we know our business inside out, but after just a limited amount time spent in the store Claire offered us insights into our customer demographic and behaviour that we had not previously thought of. Listening to Claire’s recommendations and observations has focused our activity and given us a real insight into how our customers feel. Immediately following the feedback meeting that took place just after the audit we decided to make substantial changes to the layout, feel and display inside the store.”
Charlotte Dickson, Business Development Manager, Holme Grown