//Celebrating 8 years in business – A Queen with a BIG vision

Celebrating 8 years in business – A Queen with a BIG vision

Happy 8th Birthday to me…

business-woman-celebrate-mystery-shopping-businessWhilst working at L’Horizon Hotel & Spa we had monthly mystery guest visits from a UK company and I realised there was a gap in the market for a similar service with local knowledge. This excited me and gave  me the impetus to leave my secure job to pursue this idea. I sold my house and used the profit to set up on my own in 2009 to provide a service that filled this gap.

And so, the next chapter of my life began. Starting a business during a recession was a notably bold move; a mad move perhaps, as some people suggested. However, it is often during such times of adversity that successful businesses rise; especially when they are devoted to helping enterprises to improve their customer service. Indeed, we were certain that it was perfect timing to establish a customer focus business during a period of time when, looking after and retaining your customers was especially vital and, frankly, more important than ever.

The vision of the business has always been to help businesses to thrive and grow their profitability by providing an exceptional customer experience. Indeed, if the local businesses thrive, so will the local economy.

8 years later, the core of the vision is still the same, to inspire businesses to thrive by delivering exceptional customer service, but my vision has grown bigger, and not only do I want to help as many businesses as I can with their customer service delivery, but I am going to be doing this with the help of my busy bees, yes all of my franchisees are going to be the missionaries to achieve this vision.

I want to facilitate the success of others by empowering entrepreneurs to create a more harmonious life and business, in running their own successful Mystery Shopping and Customer Experience Franchise business. So together we can inspire businesses globally to thrive by delivering exceptional customer experience, ultimately stimulating economic growth.

Fancy joining the Beehive and become the owner of your own hive??

Download the flyer with more details on how to be running your own Mystery Shopping and Customer Experience Franchise Business…


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