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1806, 2017

Not networking, but give and receive

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I am sure most of you have heard of Stephen R Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change, if you haven’t, get yourself a copy and read it. [...]

1106, 2017

10 steps to buying the right Franchise for you

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Starting your own business can be a scary and intimidating experience for a lot of people. Franchising is a safe but exciting way to start your own business, with the support of the Franchisor, you [...]

2705, 2017

Using your 5 senses to create harmony in your business

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You will be amazed to know that bees can see, count, recognize faces and shapes, are responsive to wide range of colours and odours, and despite having a brain the size of a grass seed [...]

2005, 2017

Social Media Mystery Shopping

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If you still think that social media is a fad and you don’t get it, well I think it’s time for you to put your skates on and start getting it. The statistic provided by [...]

1305, 2017

How to network successfully in 6 simple steps

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With the 'Enterprise Week 2017' starting today, we are very lucky in Jersey to have Jersey Business providing four days of diverse events which will look at the influence simple technology can have on business results, how [...]

605, 2017

Why getting some help when you run a business is the best thing you can do to thrive?

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It has been 8 years now I have set up the business, wow, I can’t believe what an incredible journey I have been on since 2009. The ups and the downs, the business changes, evolving, [...]

2104, 2017

The Queen Bee, the perfect balance of feminine and masculine energy

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I often get asked why is the business called The Busy Queen Bee? I have to admint at first it was a bit of a joke, and I used to say my Mystery Shoppers were [...]

1004, 2017

The introverted, the right-brained networkers and extroverted, the left-brained networkers…

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According to C. G. Jung’s theory of psychological types, introduced in the 1920s, there are different attitudes people use to direct their energy. Two major types are described as extroversion and introversion. You can take [...]

204, 2017

Which side of the battery do you choose to BEE?

Just like a battery has two polar opposite terminals, everything in life has its own polar opposite. If you think about it, there is no dark only an absence of light, there is no sadness, only [...]

1103, 2017

Training your bees, a right brain function

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The life of a honeybee is mostly a predictable one. Young bees, called house bees, do the hive chores by feeding the brood and cleaning and repairing cells. These young bees grow up to become [...]

503, 2017

Put an end to stress, under-performance and chaos in your workplace

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I discovered Feng Shui about five years ago; Rachel Elnaugh, the former Dragons Den star and entrepreneur was invited to Jersey as guest speaker at the ICSA Jersey Awards Dinner, and I had the great [...]

2102, 2017

Exciting news, welcome to my new Jersey-Norman BEEan

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I wanted to take the time to personally share my big exciting news with you! The Busy Queen Bee team is growing, as I have just welcomed my new Jersey-Norman BEEan, Audrey Lescot!! Audrey is [...]

1112, 2016

Get your shop window buzzing this Christmas…

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Have you ever had a chance to look at a Beehive closely?? It is the most incredible natural structure you can find. From the outside shape, to the internal structure which is a densely packed [...]

2009, 2016


In this webinar interview, hosted by moi, Davina discusses the importance of understanding what your brand is, what you want your customers to experience and how to enhance that experience by altering your environment. [...]

2009, 2016

Interview with the Expert – Mike Aguilera – 7th October

In this webinar interview, hosted by moi, Mike discusses the importance of communication and how it impacts on the delivery of excellent customer service. FRIDAY 7TH OCTOBER 2016 Event Speaker  Mike Aguilera [...]

2608, 2016

Is your vision helping you deliver exceptional customer service?

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I am actually looking at 2017 business strategy and asked myself where am I going? Where do I really want to be by the end of 2017? So, I started to work on my vision [...]