The Busy Queen Bee Franchise “Bee” Plan

Honeybee-busy-queen-bee-jersey-channel-islandsWelcome to my Customer Service “Bee” plan. I am buzzing to hear that you are contemplating joining our beehive community.

I have franchised my proven business model in order to provide you with the tools to become Director of your own Hive. You will not have to start from scratch; worry about start up processes or deal with the issues I encountered when I launched the business six years ago.

Instead, you can focus on helping your customers to thrive by delivery better services. Running my own business has been the best move in my life; it enabled me to follow my passion for business and be a good provider for my family – achieving the perfect work/life balance.

I look forward to getting you buzzing by joining our busy franchise hive.

So, is it time for a career change?

Do you want…

  • to help your local businesses create better relationships with their internal and external customers?
  • to help them deliver exceptional customer service?
  • to help grow their visibility by building trusted tribes around them?

If you do, just call moi today 07797 828950 or email me to receive our full Franchise “Bee” Plan.

Mark Smith, Franchised his business in April 2016 in Guernsey, The Busy Guernsey Bee.

Why we do what we do?

Because we love helping businesses to thrive by providing exceptional services and help them to grow their visibility by building relationships through networking.

How we do it?

  • by “BEE”ing Customer Centric; inspiring businesses to create relationships with internal and external customers, facilitating change in businesses towards a real service culture.
  • by “BEE”ing better connected; helping businesses to increase their public image and help them build a trustworthy tribe around them.


What do we do?

Customer Experience

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Mystery Shopping

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Cust. Service Training

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Customer Insight

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Cust. Service Support

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Healthy Beehive

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Become the Director of your own hive

Let me get you buzzing about becoming the Director of your own hive, let me facilitate your success and “Bee” The Busy Bee in your region, part of The Busy Queen Bee beehive community around the world.

If you are passionate about Customer Service and helping businesses to deliver better services; if you are diligent, inventive, radiant, trustworthy and keen to become the Director of your own hive, there is no reason why you couldn’t “bee” The Busy Bee in your own region. The steps to do this will be:

Buzz one:

Email me to receive The Customer Experience Franchise “Bee” Plan and fill in the application form, send it back to or you can Skype me at claire.boscq.scott to discuss any questions you have.

Buzz two:

Should you wish to move to the next step, it would be a time to ask you for references and past experience in your industry. Discuss what the next three years would look like and establish a franchise start up plan of action.

Buzz three:

Conduct your local market research and develop your business plan. Become a mystery shopper and conduct visits to understand the front end of the system.

Buzz four:

Ensure your financials have been approved and sign the franchise agreement.

Buzz five:

Five days’ training in Jersey, including Checker system training, sales and marketing, business development and customer service, of course.

Buzz six:

You are ready to buzz; I will come to you and help you launch your new venture, ensuring that you have all the tools in place to be a success.

Welcome to Franchisee, Mark Smith, The Busy Guernsey Bee

Find out what Mark is doing in Guernsey, as The Busy Guernsey Bee.